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Edward Hancock II

Thrills, Chills and Spiritual Ordeals!‚Äč

The Imperfect Blog


Posted by EHancock2 on January 20, 2017 at 5:15 PM

January 20th, 2017 is the day our nation experiences a peaceful exchange of powers, from the outgoing president to the incoming president. I'm not going to sit here and compare popularity of this or that, approval ratings, etc. It's all pointless.

The simple fact is Barack Obama now joins the ranks of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and other Former Presidents. Donald J. Trump has been sworn in and is now the literal leader of the free world. It didn't matter if you or I liked Barack Obama and it does not matter if you or I like Donald J. Trump. He is now our president. Yes, yours and mine. Yes, if you live within the American borders and are not here on a visa or illegally, you are a citizen of a nation led by Donald J. Trump. If you are a citizen of America, you are not a citizen of Donald Trump's America.You do not have to like it. You do not even have to accept it. Truth does not require acceptance to be true.  It simply is.

When I was born, in 1974, Richard M. Nixon was president of the United States. Just six months later, my first experience with a changing of the guard occured, when Nixon resigned and Gerald Ford assumed the office of the presidency. Just two short years later, Jimmy Carter became the third president to reside over my life.

I don't have memories of Nixon or Ford. I really don't have any recollections of Carter, though I used to when I was younger. The earliest recollection I have is Reagan's first speech and the subsequent release of the Iran Hostages. Then came H.W. Bush, followed by Bill Clinton. W would follow Clinton and we all know that Barack Obama would follow him. My first vote was cast for a democrat. I was 18 when Clinton ran against Bush 41 in 1992. My first time voting, I cast a vote for William Jefferson Clinton to be our nation's president. I am a registered Republican, but that should not be interpretted to mean that I support anything and everything the GOP stands for or attempts to do. I had to pick one, so I picked Republican.

I love America. I love BEING an American more than just about anything else on this planet. As such, I will give President Trump the opportunity he deserves as the incoming president. I will give him the opportunity to do good things. I will give him the opportunity to help our veterans, our elderly and disabled. I will give him the opportunity to help the 94 million people that are out of work. I will give him the opportunity to either sink or swim as the full weight of the office he enters now weighs down upon him.

I hope that anyone that is in my readership will do likewise. Even if you did not vote for him. Even if you did not vote for Hillary Clinton. Even if you did not vote, I HOPE that you will be an American today. And I hope the next 4 years will see necessary changes be made to our VA and other organizations.

Now, I ask you to do me a favor. When Barack Obama assumed the office, his daughters were very little girls. I asked the media and my friends in the Web World to leave them alone. Whatever you may have thought of their father, Sasha and Malia were (and remain) off limits. I ask that same courtesy be afforded to young Barron Trump. He is a child. Don Jr., Eric, Tiffany and Ivanka are adults. I don't support attacking them and I would hope for a classy handling of them, as they are not the president either. However, the quickest way to get my hackles up is to attack a child. Barron Trump is a child. LEAVE HIM ALONE. Let him grow. Let him mature. Let him make his mistakes. Let him get caught sneaking in or out of the white house. Let him get in trouble. Let him do what kids do. Because that is his right.

We all need to be Americans today. We do not need to be Republicans, Democrats or Independents. We do not need to be male or female. We do not need to be young or old. We do not need to be black, white, brown, yellow, red or mixed race. We do not need to be divided. Today, on this day of a peaceful transition of power, we need to be Americans.

Do not wish Trump ill. For all intents and purposes, Donald Trump is the pilot of the Starship America. Wishing him failure is akin to wishing for the country to fail. Let's have more sense than that, okay?

Congratulations President Trump and Vice President Pence. The next 4 years is yours. Make them good years.And God Bless America!

Until next time, this blog is brought to you by the letters W, E and H and by the number 2.

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