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Edward Hancock II

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Why, Amazon? Why?

Posted by EHancock2 on September 14, 2017 at 5:20 PM

Well, I wouldn't call this "More Disciplined" but at least I didn't wait 47 months before my next blog, right?

Anyway, I decided to write this afternoon about a topic that has really been bothering me for years. In a nutshell, it's Amazon's practice of deleting VALID reviews while leaving reviews that contain personal attacks and NOTHING about the product being sold via Amazon's platform.

For years, I've been an outspoken conservative. I do NOT apologize for that. I never have. I never will. Many authors tell me I am alienating part of my audience. I tell them quite bluntly, No, I am DEFINING it.

That aside, many people who disagree with me PERSONALLY, POLITICALLY, RELIGIOUSLY or what have you have spent many hours posting fake reviews on Amazon. One star reviews bashing me as a person, not the book that they never actually read. Over the years, I've managed to get SOME of them taken down, but it's been horribly taxing on me to try and keep up with all the bull. When I was less busy, I had the time to check amazon every single day. Nowadays, not so much. Still, I found something yesterday that caused me to check myself on my book numbers.

As of 2 weeks ago, Mourning Reign had over 70 reviews. Doesn't seem like many, and it's not, compared to authors of greater renown. But, to me, it was phenomenal! I'd passed 50 and was on my way to 100! As of the writing of this blog, I now have 57 reviews showing on Mourning Reign. more than 13 LEGITIMATE reviews, most from strangers I met at book signings, speeches etc, deleted by amazon, because they woke up with a burr in their saddle for ol' Edward Hancock II! And that's not all. When I saw that, I started to check my subsequent books.

Sure enough, they were hit too.

Heart Beatings (released in paperback JUST this year, despite being second in the series) had a whopping 3 reviews. As of this writing, it has ZERO.... ZERO! NOT A SINGLE FREAKING REVIEW!? are you kidding me, Amazon? So now I can't have ANY?

Connection Terminated had just crossed 10 a few days ago. As of this writing, it stands at 6, including one that is, in fact, a valid 3-star review by a reader that just didn't connect with the book. I'm okay with that. Fine. It's a legit review. But, they deleted 4 reviews of 4 and 5 stars that were also LEGITIMATE readers. People I'd met at various book signings and such. So, their reviews are not valid because they bought it from me instead of paying Amazon's exorbitant prices, taxes and shipping fees? Really?

I dunno if they've finished with Target: Mendez, but I had 4 last time I checked. Now I'm down to 3. The one they removed was LITERALLY an amazon VERIFIED PURCHASE! I can't even complain that Amazon is picking on people that bought from me here, because they bought from AMAZON and yet AMAZON deleted a legitimate VERIFIED PURCHASE review? It's like they're drunk at Amazon and are just like throwing darts at a dartboard or something to decide which reviews to remove.

Here's where we really get crazy. Last time I checked, Mendez Genesis had 7 reviews. As of this writing, it still has 7 reviews. But I have tried getting them to remove a review which reads as follows: (Titled "Unfair Review") I am not into this super naturar stuff, so I did not finosh the book. Not a fair review.

Not into "super naturar stuff" and thus didn't "finosh" the book. So, I'm guessing reading is likely not a common hobby of this person, or they just are not concerned with editing their own comment. They just wanted to be heard. One, they SAY they didn't finish it. I'm assuming "finosh" means finish. They say they didn't FINISH it because it was (I assume) supernatural? Yes, and it says that right in the intro and BACK COVER COPY.

The back cover copy of this Two-books-in-one story reads as follows:

SPLINTERED SOULS: Tina Miles is a young girl starting a new chapter in her life. When she encounters Devin Snow, everything changes. Deep down, she believes there is more to Devin than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Det. Lisa Warner is convinced there is more to Tina's story. People are dying. No one has answers. What mysterious force binds these Splintered Souls?

BREATH OF GOD: After a horrible accident leaves him partially paralyzed, it takes the enigmatic power of heaven to bring Lieutenant Alex Mendez back from the dead, unlocking a secret as old as time that may have been hidden inside his four-year-old daughter. To make matters worse, Detective Lisa Mendez, Alex's wife, confronts her own demons, all the while chasing the most unlikely of suspects in connection with multiple homicides. Is it possible a seventeen-year-old boy with Spina Bifida is singlehandedly responsible for the worst crime spree to ever hit the small east Texas community? Lisa Mendez believes it is possible, though a thousand questions remain. As with Alex, the answers to Lisa's questions lay buried deep within the innocent soul of her daughter. While Alex searches himself for strength to battle physical and emotional uncertainties, Lisa must search inside herself, taking charge of courage and faith she never dreamed existed.

Enigmatic Power. Demons. Mysterious Force. Answers buried deep within their innocent child. None of this clues a person in that you MIGHT not be dealing with natural forces? Really? You couldn't read that and put 2 and 2 together that MAYBE you might wanna skip it? And the title of the review is "UNFAIR REVIEW." So why is it Amazon will not delete this UNFAIR REVIEW but will delete LEGITIMATE reviews from VERIFIED FREAKING PURCHASES!?

I have tried contacting Amazon, but have yet to get satisfaction. All I get is a canned response, same as they'd send to anyone, about their terms of use, etc etc etc. I am getting ready to start keeping much deeper track of my reviews, get with some 50 authors that I have spoken with, all of whom have experienced this infringement on their rights to conduct business and the FIRST AMENDMENT rights of our customers.

I'm tired of Goliath taking advantage of all the Indy Davids out there. And I tell you, it's about time we unite and do something. Take note Amazon. Publishers are a dime a dozen. You need us. We can publish and sell our books on Barnes and Noble and untold other websites, including our own. We can do as I do, publish our books and then sell them in person at any number of events. You would do well to let your policy of deleting legitimate reviews die. But, hey, that's for you to decide.

Till next time, this blog is brought to you by the letters W, E and H and by the number 2.

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