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Edward Hancock II

Thrills, Chills and Spiritual Ordeals!‚Äč

The Imperfect Blog

The Wages of Faith....

Posted by EHancock2 on May 17, 2017 at 4:00 PM

Recently, I have had several people (mostly strangers) tell me that prayer doesn't work. That it's garbage. That it's just talking to yourself, etc. That prayer is pointless. This is not new. I've heard this my whole life. Over the years, I've responded in many different ways. Most recently, I've noticed a new answer departing my lips, when someone tells me prayer doesn't work or is ineffective. The last several times this has happened, I've said, "No, prayer is ineffective for YOU. Prayer doesn't work FOR YOU. That doesn't make it universally ineffective. Prayer works quite well in my family. My grandmother and grandfather could move storms with their prayers. A 104 degree fever left my body while my mother and grandmother were still on the phone.


Folks, you are talking to a guy that medical science gave up for dead when I was born. I would not live past my 2nd birthday they said. Probably wouldn't even SEE my 2nd birthday. To date, I've seen 43 of them. As a baby, I survived more surgical procedures than even I probably know. I survived at least one serious infection at 8 months old that, by my doctor's own words, should have killed me. I've been in countless car wrecks. At least 4 where I was driving, 3 within a year of each other. I survived a broken back TWICE now. The first one led to a kidney infection which had me in bed to the point I got pressure sores the size of my FISTS on my hips. IF that wasn't bad enough, the sores got infected, the infection went into my blood and to my lungs. I very literally should have died in that moment. I was living in Oklahoma City and that weekend my first wife (now ex) had chosen to strike out to Kansas to meet some guy off the internet and cheat on me.


I've survived multiple suicide attempts, including one attempt at hanging myself from a tree, but the branch broke.


Folks, I should be dead 100 times over, but I'm not. And why? Because, from the day of my birth until the day she left this earth in 2009, my granny was covering me in prayer. From the day of my birth, until he left this earth in 2015, my grandfather was covering me in prayer. From the day of my birth continuing even today, my parents care covering me in prayers, as are my aunts, uncles, cousins, extended family and, yes, probably many of you.


Prayer doesn't work? Folks I'm a living example that prayer works. And my LIVING IS the example. I'm not going to sit here and talk about prayers I've prayed. Some of them have come to pass. Some have not. But, on the day of my birth, DOCTORS told my mom and dad to prepare to bury me. And only my granny said no. Only my granny, HOURS away from the hospital in which I was born, had the faith to declare "God has a plan for this boy." And only Granny was right.


If prayer doesn't work for you, all I can say is I'm sorry you haven't seen the miracles I have witnessed in my life. But I have seen the proof. It isn't chance. It isn't accident. It isn't even fate or whatever. It's God's power that has kept me alive. God's mercy and God's Grace and God's will. The same will that takes a 2 year old home to Glory following a Seven-car pileup on the freeway. The same will that allowed my grandfather 100 years of life on this planet -- far more than I believe I will get, but who knows? God's will and faithful prayers.


The Bible says God doesn't change. He is the same today that He was yesterday and will be tomorrow. He is not a man that he should change His mind, nor a son of man that he should lie. Does prayer change his mind? Jesus said if we have faith and tell a mountain to be moved, it will move. So, can God's mind be changed?


When Abraham pleaded for Sodom, he bargained with God. God, for the sake of 50 righteous men will you spare the city? What about 20? What of ten? God agreed. For the sake of an agreed number, He would not destroy Sodom. What would have happened if NOAH had made a similar request and found 10 righteous men? Would the whole of the earth been spared? I dunno. So, I dunno if sparing me was in God's will all along or was He moved by prayer, but I believe it was a little of both to be honest. But who was praying for me when the branch broke? Who was praying when I held the bottle of pills in my hands? I dunno. my point is Prayer Works. I don't understand why it works. I don't really understand the mystery of how, truth be told. But it works. Because this world gave up on me. Too, I gave up on the world. But God....

But God....

Two of the most powerful words a believer can ever speak....

I should have died...BUT GOD...

I should not be here...But God...

What is your "But God"? And how does it shape your view of faith and prayer?

Until next time, this blog is brought to you by the letters W, E and H and by the number 2.






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