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Edward Hancock II

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SONday Sermon - Lather, Rinse, Repeat!

Posted by EHancock2 on April 19, 2015 at 10:50 AM

Can life get too routine? That question depends on who you ask. If you ask the average housewife and mother of a two year old, she would likely reply, "routine? What's that!?" If you ask a firefighter, chances are they wish the routine would change and today would be a day nothing burned. If you asked a teacher, you'd get as many different replies as teachers you asked. If you ask a pilot, Marine or astronaut, they are likely to tell you routine is dangerous. Routine becomes mundane. Routine becomes robotic. Routine becomes thoughtless action completed in a state of mind that doesn't learn from the task or appreciate what's actually being done. An astronaut losing focus in space is dangerous. Routine can get you killed.

So, too, is it highly dangerous for a Christian to lose focus in their spiritual life. You get up every morning at five. You pray a simple, "thank you, Lord, for another day." Then you're off to work. You work, come home, eat dinner. I wonder do you pray over that McDonald's burger you picked up on the way home.

You settle in to watch some baseball or something. Maybe read. Then it's off to bed to do it all over again tomorrow. Where was God in all that?

"I prayed didn't I?"

Yes, you mouthed the words. But did you stop long enough to FEEL them? Did you really dial in to God? See, I enjoy conversations with my cousin, Angie. We've grown up more like siblings than cousins. She makes me laugh. But, if I'm in my house talking to Angie, how is she supposed to hear me if I don't dial her number? How am I supposed to hear her?


Friend, God hears your every thought. But do we hear Him? Are we appreciating those little phone calls known as prayers? Are we stopping long enough to read a Heavenly Text message found in a chain of events that prevents us from being in that intersection when the big rig comes barreling through after losing its brakes??

Are we reading God's emails for our lives? The ones that tell us "yes, you hurt today. But tomorrow will be better"? "I got this. I got you."

We are plugged in to our TV, laptop and cell phone, but are we plugged in to God?? Or are we so lost in our comfortable spiritual routine that we don't even realize we have totally dropped signal but God is still up in heaven asking, "can you hear Me now?"


Friends, God is calling. This week, break the monotony. This week, step out if the routine. This week, dig deeper. And rediscover your Father who is in Heaven.


Meanwhile, have a great SONday.


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