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Edward Hancock II

Thrills, Chills and Spiritual Ordeals!‚Äč

The Imperfect Blog

Sunday Sermon -- It All Started With...

Posted by EHancock2 on March 8, 2015 at 7:50 PM

When I started posting the "Sunday Sermon" things on Facebook, I never dreamed it would be so well-received by so many. I never dreamed they'd be picked up by FNTX Radio. I never planned on them being anything other than how I saw them... as ways to look at the areas in my life where I need help. Areas I need to work on, that maybe others might need some help with as well. I never dreamed that...

And that's where I pause for a moment. Notice what I was saying there? I never dreamed... I never thought... I never planned....

Here's where we say those two words again: BUT GOD!

God wanted to see if I'd be obedient. God wanted to know would I take these words He is giving me and keep them His. Or would I try to make this mine. Did the glory belong to Eddie or God?

This question was tested this week in a very real way. You see, when I started doing these things, there was no planning. No preparation. No thought at all went into it. I woke up, I prayed, I asked God, what do you want to say to me today? And I shared that Word.

Earlier this week, I consciously began to think about tge Sunday Sermon. Here we were on like Thursday and I was asking for God's word already. I asked and asked but God was silent. Finally, after I just couldn't stop myself, God gave me a powerful word..."Be still."


Wait, what? That's it, God? Be still? That's your word to the people?

Again, I heard it, as clear as I'd heard the DJ coming through the radio speakers. A voice from deep inside me saying, "Be still..."


Be still, I repeated. Well, okay. I was confused. I'm supposed to tell you be still?


Then I heard it...


Be still, for I Am God.


Now the Bible says "be still and KNOW that I am God."


This was different. This wasn't just God saying "put your trust in Me." This was God saying, "that thing is Mine. Those messages are Me. You are the vessel. I Am the Water that brings life. Be silent. Be still. Be my vessel. Don't worry. Don't fret. Don't get ahead of me. In My time, I will pour Me out of you."


I got silent. I got still. But I also got my message for the week. It was oddly confirmed last night when i was talking on the phone to a friend. We were discussing ministries and how they can be focused on God. Or all about "me...i...myself" Ministries that stay focused on the Water will never be thirsty. But, as I learned this past Thursday, ministries that focus on the vessel will die of a thirst that cannot be quenched through the means of Man.

God may stop this some day. I personally believe these messages have both a reason and a season. But, again, that's an "I". These messages belong to God. And as long as He needs to pour out Living Water, I'm content to be that vessel.


No more planning. No more thinking about it. No fretting. God's got this. And, friends, God's got you too. Are you willing?


Till next time, have a great SONday.


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